Green Plus

About Biofriendly

Biofriendly was founded in 1997 by the Carroll brothers, Bob, Bill and Noel. These three Australian born inventors and entrepreneurs hold over 100 patents, and have built and sold two other successful international businesses. They are the creators of the Vortoil oil/water separator, which was used in 100% of the North Sea platform market when the company was sold to Conoco Oil.The mission of Biofriendly Corporation is to help solve the twin global problems of air pollution and increasingly costly fuel. Accomplishing that, Biofriendly has introduced a breakthrough product in Green Plus.

The privately held company has offices in the Los Angeles, California area and in London, U.K. along with over a dozen other partners who deliver Green Plus to fuel users worldwide.

The Easiest Way to Go Green

Green Plus is a patented, green technology that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of oil, trucking and marine companies as well as environmentally conscious individuals. It is a liquid catalyst that blends easily with gasoline, diesel and most other fuels, by simply adding it to the fuel tank.Green Plus works by lowering the activation energy required for the combustion reaction to occur. In doing this, fuel is burned more optimally by the vehicle engine, air pollutants are reduced and the driver has the option of more power or greater fuel economy depending upon how heavy their foot is feeling that day.