History of BWN Vortoil

BWN Rights Co. Pty Ltd was formerly known as BWN Vortoil®

When the company was BWN Vortoil, the three founders, the Carroll brothers in Melbourne, Australia, developed a hydrocyclone that would separate oil droplets from water so efficiently that when applied to produced water treatment, it far exceeded the performance of any existing system

One of BWN’s most significant developments, hydrocyclones, were housed in groups of 4 inside a vessel designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Even though the complete unit was small and lightweight, very high capacities were possible.

The industry benefits were nothing less than stunning. For example, a typical hydrocyclone installation weighed less than 1/10th of a conventional water handling system doing the same job, and gave a much improved performance.
The Principle of the BWN Vortoil Hydrocyclone

The de-oiling hydrocyclone is a liquid/liquid hydrocyclone where the main, or bulk flow is water and where the oil concentration is in the range of 0-10,000 ppm.

How Vortoil Works

The spin imparted to the fluid as it enters the cyclone, generates very high centrifugal forces of well over 1000g, and this greatly enhanced gravitational effect causes practically instantaneous separation of oil from water.